Moving Data In and Out of PostGIS

In this chapter, we will cover:

  • Importing nonspatial tabular data (CSV) using PostGIS functions
  • Importing nonspatial tabular data (CSV) using GDAL
  • Importing shapefiles with shp2pgsql
  • Importing and exporting data with the ogr2ogr GDAL command
  • Handling batch importing and exporting of datasets
  • Exporting data to a shapefile with the pgsql2shp PostGIS command
  • Importing OpenStreetMap data with the osm2pgsql command
  • Importing raster data with the raster2pgsql PostGIS command
  • Importing multiple rasters at a time
  • Exporting rasters with the gdal_translate and gdalwarp GDAL commands

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