How to do it...

If we try to access these tables without the proper case, we get this error:

postgres=# SELECT count(*) FROM mycust;ERROR:  relation "mycust" does not existLINE 1: SELECT * FROM mycust;

So we write it in the correct case:

postgres=# SELECT count(*) FROM MyCust;ERROR:  relation "mycust" does not existLINE 1: SELECT * FROM mycust;

This still fails, and in fact gives the same error.

If you want to access a table that was created with quoted names, then you must use quoted names, such as the following:

postgres=# SELECT count(*) FROM "MyCust";

The output is as follows:

 count-------     5(1 row)

The usage rule is that if you create your tables using quoted names, then you need to write your SQL using quoted names. Alternatively, ...

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