How to do it...

We write a SQL query that lists all parameter values, excluding those whose current value is either the default or set from a configuration file:

postgres=# SELECT name, source, setting                         FROM pg_settings                          WHERE source != 'default'                         AND source != 'override'                         ORDER by 2, 1;

The output is as follows:

            name            |        source        |      setting ----------------------------+----------------------+-----------------  application_name           | client               | psql  client_encoding            | client               | UTF8  DateStyle                  | configuration file   | ISO, DMY  default_text_search_config | configuration file   | pg_catalog.english  dynamic_shared_memory_type | configuration file   | posix  lc_messages                | configuration file   | en_GB.UTF-8  lc_monetary                | configuration file   | en_GB.UTF-8  lc_numeric ...

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