Partitioning with PL/Proxy

In this recipe, we are going to cover horizontal partitioning with PL/Proxy.

Getting ready

PL/Proxy needs to be installed on the host machine. Refer to the previous recipe for more details on installing PL/Proxy.

How to do it...

The following are the steps that need to be carried out for horizontal partitioning using PL/Proxy:

  1. Create three new databases: one proxy database named nodes, and two partitioned databases, nodes_0000 and nodes_0001, respectively:
            postgres=# create database nodes; 
            postgres=# create database nodes_0000; 
            postgres=# create database nodes_0001; 
  2. Once you have created these databases the next step is to create a PL/Proxy extension:
            psql -d nodes         nodes=# create extension ...

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