Chapter 14. Scaling with BDR

In this chapter, you will be introduced to a brand new technology called BDR. Bidirectional Replication (BDR), is definitely one of the rising stars in the world of PostgreSQL. A lot of new stuff will be seen in this area in the very near future, and people can expect a thriving project.

This chapter will be about these topics:

  • Understanding the BDR replication concepts
  • Installing BDR
  • Setting up a simple cluster
  • Modifying the cluster and failover
  • Understanding BDR's performance

Before digging into all the technical details, it is important to understand the fundamental technical aspects of BDR.

Understanding BDR replication concepts

Back in the old days, way before 9.0 was introduced, people had to use Slony to replicate data. ...

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