Power BI Masterclass

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Microsoft Power BI is an advanced yet easy-to-get-started self-service business analytics/business intelligence solution. Power BI is also a great tool for data science. A lot of data scientists like to use it for visualizing and presenting the findings. Therefore, learning to use this tool can be a valuable skill for data science jobs.

This course is divided into six sections. We will first start with understanding DAX table calculations with Power BI Desktop and Excel and master DAX. In the second section, we will learn Microsoft Power BI tips and tricks from project experience and research. In the third section, we will be solving data prep challenges. In the fourth section, we will master advanced DAX calculations and build on your acquired knowledge from the prior sections.

In section five, we will be combining data science tools such as Python with Power BI. In the last section, we will cover Power BI best practices, Power BI Calculation Groups, Power BI Charticulator, Power BI performance tips, and Power BI AI.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and capabilities to analyze and understand data with Power BI.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand DAX Logic and Table Calculations
  • Learn Power BI tips and tricks from project experience and research
  • Solve common Power BI data preparation issues
  • Learn how to improve the look and feel of standard dashboards
  • Combine data science tools such as Python with Power BI
  • Learn how to start creating your own custom visuals without coding


The course is not meant for total beginners. You should have some prior knowledge of Power BI. This course is for data analysts and everyone who strives for a career in data analytics.

About The Author

Dan We: Daniel Weikert is a 33-year-old entrepreneur, data enthusiast, consultant, and trainer. He is a master’s degree holder certified in Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx (Core and Advanced), and KNIME (L1–L3).

He is currently working in the business intelligence field and helps companies and individuals obtain vital insights from their data to deliver long-term strategic growth and outpace their competitors.

He has a passion for learning and teaching. He is committed to supporting other people by offering them educational services and helping them accomplish their goals, gain expertise in their profession, or explore new careers.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : DAX, Excel, and More
    1. Introduction
    2. Set Up the Data Model
    3. Learning DAX: Does the Pareto Rule Apply for Our Dataset
    4. Calculate Our Base Measures
    5. Learning DAX: Sales Forecast on Prior 3 Months Average
    6. Learning DAX: Customer Transactions Within the Last 30 Days
    7. Learning DAX: Customer Classification with Custom Label Calculation
    8. Learning DAX: Dynamic Measure Comparison in Power BI
    9. Power BI Tip - How to Remove All Filters from the Report with One Click
    10. Growth Insights - Profit and Sales Evaluation for Customer Base
    11. Learning DAX: Model Structure Challenge Applying Bridge Tables
    12. Learning DAX: Calculated Columns for Employee Sales Classification
    13. Learning DAX: Dynamic Calculation of Sales for the Last X Days
    14. Export Data into csv and Excel
    15. Learning DAX: Advanced Searching in Power BI
    16. Idea - Animate Our Power BI Reports
    17. QA Feature Introduction in Power BI
    18. Global Filters in Power BI Synchronize Slicers Across Report Pages
    19. Learning DAX: How to Replace Calculate with Iterators
    20. Learning DAX: Customer Ranking on Multiple Criteria
    21. Learning DAX: Fixing Total Issues in Dynamic Visualizations
    22. Learning DAX: How to Build a Pareto Chart Step-By-Step
    23. Cluster Analysis in Power BI
  2. Chapter 2 : Additional Tips and Tricks
    1. How to Always Get the Latest File from a Folder into Power BI
    2. Tip Import Latest Tab from Excel File Automatically
    3. Cumulative Total Sales for Custom Financial Years with Power BI DAX
    4. Reference Rows or Lookup Values from Tables with DAX in Power BI
    5. Create Your Own Personal Filter Pane in Power BI
    6. How to Dynamically Show Specific Measures in Your Report - Playing with the Po
    7. Client Request - Filter Trick for Different Aggregations in Power BI
    8. Tracking Open Customer Issues with Power BI DAX
    9. Your Turn: Real-World Power BI DAX Challenge
    10. Learning DAX: Apples to Apples Comparison in Power BI
    11. Dynamically Highlight the Current Sales Period with DAX in Power BI
    12. Let Us Quickly Clean Up Our Report
    13. Learning DAX: How to Create a Stepped Line Chart
    14. Learning DAX: Dynamically Highlight Highest and Lowest Sales
    15. Heatmap in Power BI: Let Us Get Creative
    16. DAX or No DAX: That is the Question
    17. Learning DAX Ranking and Nested Ranking
    18. Dynamic Color-coding for Gauge chart in Power BI
    19. Power Query Editor Tips and Tricks: How to Extract Patterns from Columns
    20. Data Modelling - How to Create Dynamic Hierarchies
    21. Project Management Burndown Chart Calculation with DAX in Power BI
    22. The Disconnected Table Concept Hands-On Explained
    23. How to Create Our Own KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Visual
    24. Extension on How to Create Our Own KPI Visual
    25. How to Make Interaction in Your Reports More Intuitive
    26. How to Add Visual Toop Tips to Images
    27. Power BI Trick Incremental Refresh Tables Using DAX
  3. Chapter 3 : Solving Data Prep Challenges
    1. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 1 - Date Time Conversion
    2. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 2 - Bulk Replacement of Text Values in One Shot
    3. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 3 - Count Customer Ratings and Sorting
    4. Power BI DAX Challenge 4 - How Many Subscriptions Do We Have Currently
    5. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 5 - Handling Missing Values in Power BI
    6. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 6 - How to Handle Various Local Date Types
    7. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 7 Currency Conversion - Exchange Rates for Specific
    8. Power BI Data Prep Challenge 8 - How to Fix the Pivoting Issue
  4. Chapter 4 : DAX, R, and Gateways
    1. Advanced DAX - Price Changes in Power BI - Setting Up Our Data Model
    2. Advanced DAX - How to Handle Price Adjustments in Power BI
    3. Power BI DAX - How to Calculate Ages
    4. Advanced DAX - Total Open Customer Complaints in Power BI
    5. Additional Time Intelligence for Your Power BI Toolbox
    6. How to Automatically Always Show the Latest Data in Our Report
    7. Advanced DAX - Which Product was Ordered First by Each Customer
    8. R in Power BI - Visualizing Data Using R Scripts
    9. R in Power BI - Importing and Transforming Data with R Example
    10. R Visuals in Power BI - Let's Get a Little Help to Plot Amazing Visuals
    11. Advanced DAX - Which were the Last Products the Customer Ordered from Us
    12. Advanced DAX - Recurring Customers and Their Sales Calculation
    13. Let's Build Our Final Report
    14. A Quick Introduction to Publishing Reports to the Power BI Service
    15. How to Create a Dashboard in the Power BI Service Online
    16. Setting Up a Data Gateway to Refresh Local Files in the Power BI S
  5. Chapter 5 : Python Finance and Advanced DAX
    1. Welcome: Let's Set Up the Data Model
    2. Setting Up Our Python Environment for Power BI
    3. Python for Data Visualization in Power BI
    4. Python for Data Visualization in Power BI Part2
    5. Python for Data Visualization in Power BI Part3
    6. How to Use Python in the Query Editor for Data Transformation in Power BI
    7. Import Data Via Python into Power BI
    8. Bonus: Let's Do Data Science in Power BI: A Little Case Study
    9. Learning DAX - Table Functions
    10. Learning DAX - Advanced Example for Table Functions in DAX
    11. Learning DAX: Evaluate Our New Customer Sales
    12. Learning DAX: How to Evaluate the Lost Customers
    13. Learning DAX - Dynamic Visualization and Disconnected Tables
    14. Learning DAX - Daily Sales Comparison When Having Gaps in Your Dataset
    15. Learning DAX - Show Top 3 Employees and Others
    16. Report Best Practice Cascading Filters Using DAX in Power BI
  6. Chapter 6 : The Next Level
    1. Basic Model Structure Setup
    2. Let's Talk About Measures: Introduction to Tabular Editor
    3. The Switch Statement for Dynamic Measures Rehearsal
    4. Calculation Groups in Power BI: Let's Get Started
    5. Calculation Groups - Customize Helpful Settings
    6. Calculation Groups: Let's Explore a Different Use Case
    7. Best Practices Report Creation - Use Templates
    8. Let Us Talk About Performance - Best Practices
    9. Let Us Talk About Visuals
    10. Create Your First Own Custom Visual
    11. Bump Chart and Issues with Charticulator
    12. Visualization Tips and Tricks
    13. Merging Tables in Power BI: Tips and Major Pitfalls
    14. DAX Cohort Customer OrderDate Analysis
    15. DAX - Cohort Customer Order Analysis
    16. How to Get the Latest Refresh Time in Our Power BI Report
    17. DAX How to Get Different Formatting in the Same Column in Power BI
    18. AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Summarize Your Report in Power BI
    19. Log Out and Final Words

Product information

  • Title: Power BI Masterclass
  • Author(s): Dan We
  • Release date: November 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801070959