Power of Capital

Book description

Explore and understand how investment capital is transforming the world’s most critical emerging markets

In Power of Capital: An Adventure Capitalist’s Journey to a Sustainable Future, distinguished author and Chief Investment Officer at Global Delta Capital, Asha Mehta, shares a simultaneously daring and heartening exploration of rapidly evolving emerging markets. Delivering equal doses of business discussion and geopolitical insight, the author examines the changes gripping the globe and why the average person—and investor—should care.

The book provides an on-the-ground perspective informed by the author’s personal experiences and visits to far-flung regions of the world. It also shares incisive commentary on issues crucial to continuing global economic growth, including terrorism and instability, corruption and autocracy, and sustainable investing.

Power of Capital offers:

  • Illuminating insights of China’s new role as a global economic powerhouse
  • Pioneering perspectives of how sustainable investing delivers both alpha and impact
  • Explorations of how globalization and technology disrupt companies and sectors
  • In-depth discussions of data’s new and central role as the primary store and creator of value in the modern economy
  • The case for women as the greatest emerging market in the world

A page-turning read from a singular and worldly generational leader, Power of Capital: An Adventure Capitalist’s Journey to a Sustainable Future offers a unique and thought-provoking trip to the globe’s most fascinating emerging markets.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Adventure Capital: An Introduction
    1. What Is an Emerging Market?
    2. Power of Capital
    3. Technology: AI for Alpha and Impact
    4. What Does the Future Hold?
    5. Notes
  6. Chapter 1: What Is an Emerging Market?
    1. She Will Shake the World
    2. Hot Stocks in the Heart of Capital
    3. All Rules Are Off
    4. Trade War or Tech War
    5. Sino‐Sustainability: How China Went Woke
    6. The Next Center of the Universe
    7. Notes
  7. Chapter 2: Gem on the Pacific Rim
    1. The Fall of Saigon
    2. Dairy Queen: Innovation in the South Pacific
    3. Turbulence
    4. The Silver‐Tongued Minister
    5. Environmental and Social Risks at the Red River Delta
    6. His Eyes Are Always Watching
    7. Notes
  8. Chapter 3: Global Flows
    1. The Commodities Rut
    2. Woman in a Strange Land
    3. Opening the Doors
    4. Crown's Jewel
    5. Gleam of Success
    6. Notes
  9. Chapter 4: Submerging Markets? Corruption and Autocracy
    1. A Sinister Beauty
    2. From Hard Communism to Hard Capitalism
    3. Sustainable Markets
    4. Financial Returns and Financial Inclusion
    5. Biutiful Bucharest
    6. Castle in the Sky?
    7. Notes
  10. Chapter 5: Terrorism and Instability
    1. Buying When There's Blood in the Streets
    2. Capital as a Weapon of War
    3. The Cost of Divestment
    4. Investing in Change
    5. The Long Road Out of the Ruins
    6. Notes
  11. Chapter 6: Harnessing Domestic‐Driven Demand
    1. Microfinance: The Original Impact Investing
    2. Responsible Investing Is Born
    3. Clear Skies Behind the Smog
    4. SDG Integration and the Role of  Technology
    5. Transforming Wonderland
    6. Notes
  12. Chapter 7: Data Is the New Oil
    1. East Africa's Silicon Savannah
    2. Powered Up in South Africa
    3. Africa Needs, China Feeds
    4. Can Crypto Save Nigeria?
    5. From Gray to Green: Data Is the Oil
    6. Notes
  13. Chapter 8: Twenty‐First Century Investing
    1. Doing Good and Doing Well in Colombia
    2. The Role of Business in Argentina's Society
    3. From Destruction to Disruption in Brazil
    4. Chile: Accelerating into the Future
    5. Greenlighting Latin America
    6. Notes
  14. Chapter 9: The Next Half: The Queens of Wall Street
    1. Vast Segment with Productive Capacity
    2. Whispers of Opportunity
    3. Untapped Potential
    4. Structural Barriers
    5. Why Now?
    6. Queens of Wall Street
    7. Notes
  15. Conclusion
    1. Fellow Travelers
    2. Money Changes Everything
    3. Reimagined Capitalism
    4. Mint and Honey
    5. Notes
  16. Acknowledgments
  17. About the Author
  18. Index
  19. Supplemental Images
  20. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Power of Capital
  • Author(s): Asha Mehta
  • Release date: October 2022
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119906032