Power Phone Scripts

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Start closing sales like top producers!

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for what to say when the gatekeeper asks you what your call is about? Have your palms ever sweated when the decision maker shuts you down with: “I wouldn’t be interested”? Has your heart taken a fast dive into your stomach when, at the start of your presentation, your prospect tells you that they’ve thought about it and are just going to pass?

If you’re in sales, then the question isn’t “Have you ever felt this way?”, but rather, “How often do you feel this way? Are you finally ready to learn how to confidently and effectively overcome these objections, stalls, and blow-offs? If so, Power Phone Scripts was written for you! Unlike other books on sales that tell you what you should do (like build value – hard to do when the prospect is hanging up on you!), Power Phone Scripts provides word-for-word scripts, phrases, questions, and comebacks that you can use on your very next call. Learn to overcome resistance, get through to the decision maker, and then, once you have him or her on the phone, make an instant connection and earn the right to have a meaningful conversation. You’ll be equipped with proven questions, conversation starters, and techniques to learn whether or not they are even right for your product or service, and, if they aren’t, who else in their company or another department might be.

Power Phone Scripts is the sales manual you’ve been looking for: over 500 proven, current, and non-salesy phrases, rebuttals, questions, and conversation openers that will instantly make you sound more confident – just like the top producing sales pros do right now. Gone will be your call reluctance; gone will be your fear of calling prospects back for presentations and demos; gone will be the fear of asking for the sale at the end of your pitch! This practical guide is filled with effective scripts for prospecting, emailing, voice mails, closes, and tons of rebuttals to recurring objections you get like:

  • “It costs too much”
  • “We already have a vendor for that”
  • “I’m going to need to think about it”
  • “I need to talk to the boss or committee” and so many others…

More than just phone scripts, this book provides practical, comprehensive guidance that every inside sales rep needs. Conquer concerns, provide answers, motivate action, and be the conduit between your prospect’s problems and your solution. Actionable, fun, and designed to work within the current sales environment, this invaluable guide is your ticket to the top of the leader board. With Power Phone Scripts, you will never be at a loss of what to say to a prospect or client.

Communication is everything in sales, and being on top of your game is no longer enough when top producers are playing a different game altogether. You cannot achieve winning stats if you're not even on the field. If you're ready to join the big league, Power Phone Scripts is the playbook you need to win at inside sales.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Foreword
  4. Introduction
    1. Why You Need Phone Scripts
    2. How to Get the Most from This Book
    1. Chapter 1: What It Takes to Be a Top Producer
      1. Top Characteristic #1: Make a Commitment
      2. Top Characteristic #2: Be Prepared for Recurring Selling Situations
      3. Top Characteristic #3: Record & Critique Your Calls For 90 Days
      4. Top Characteristic #4: Thoroughly Qualify Each Prospect
      5. Top Characteristic #5: Re‐qualify Prospects at the Beginning of your Close
      6. Top Characteristic #6: Build Rapport Before, during, and After a Sale
      7. Top Characteristic #7: Ask for the Sales Multiple Times
      8. Top Characteristic #8: Treat Gatekeepers with Courtesy and Respect
      9. Top Characteristic #9: Resign from the Company Club
      10. Top Characteristic #10: Invest Daily in Your Attitude
    1. Chapter 2: Better, Smarter Prospecting Techniques
      1. A Fresh Prospecting Approach for You
      2. A Better Approach Than “How Are You Today?”
      3. Don't Say That, Say This!
      4. How to Develop an Effective Elevator Pitch
      5. Four Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper
      6. Why Asking for Help Is a Great Way to Get Information
      7. Stop Pitching the Gatekeeper—and What to Do Instead
      8. What to Do if the Prospect Takes Only Emails
    2. Chapter 3: Dealing with Resistance When Prospecting
      1. Eighteen New Ways to Handle “I'm Not Interested”
      2. Five New Ways to Handle “Just Email Me Something”
      3. Five (Nine, Really!) New Ways to Handle “I'm Too Busy”
      4. Five New Ways to Handle “We're Currently Working with Someone”
      5. Ten New Ways to Handle “We're All Set”
      6. How to Overcome “We Handle That in House”
      7. How to Handle the “We're happy with Status Quo” Objection
    3. Chapter 4: You Can't Sell an Unqualified Lead
      1. Fifteen Ways to Handle the Competition Objection
      2. How to Question for Budget
      3. How to Qualify for Interest
      4. How to Qualify an Influencer
      5. The Only Qualifying Question You May Need
      6. How to Requalify Existing Prospects and Clients
      7. The Two Most Important Qualifiers (and How to Ask for Them)
      8. How to Qualify Prospects without Interrogating Them
    4. Chapter 5: Other Prospecting Situations—and How to Handle Them
      1. The Proper Way to Handle a Call‐In Lead
      2. Features and Benefits versus Knowing How to Sell
      3. How to Build Instant Rapport with C‐Level Executives
    5. Chapter 6: Voice Mail and Email Strategies
      1. Voice Mail: Five Proven Techniques That Get Your Calls Returned
      2. The Touch‐Point Plan: How to Turn Cold Leads into Warm Leads
      3. Conclusion to Prospecting Techniques and Scripts
    1. Chapter 7: How to Close the Sale
      1. Opening a Closing Call
      2. Five Ways to Get Better at Handling Objections
      3. How to Use Assumptive Statements
      4. The Importance of Confirming Your Answers
      5. Seven Things to Say When Prospects Don't Have the Time for Your Presentation
      6. How to Stay Organized (and Efficient!)
      7. How to Get Your Prospect Talking
      8. Softening Statements That Keep Prospects Talking
      9. Positive Statements That Help You Sell
      10. Handling Objections When Requalifying
      11. Always Have This Close Handy
      12. The Three Times to Handle an Objection
    2. Chapter 8: How to Deal with Specific Objections
      1. How to Handle “I Haven't Looked at the Information Yet”
      2. Eleven New Ways to Handle “The Price Is Too High”
      3. Six New Ways to Handle: “I Need to Talk to My Boss”
      4. Ten New Ways to Handle the “I Need to Think About It” Objection
      5. “I Want to Think About It”—Another 10 New Ways to Handle It!
      6. How to Deal Effectively with the Influencer
      7. Closing Questions to Isolate the Objection
      8. How to Overcome the “We Tried It Before and It Didn't Work” Objection
      9. How to Handle “I'll Have to Speak with. . . .”
      10. How to Handle the References Stall
      11. How to Handle “My Supplier Is My Friend”
      12. How to Overcome the “You Expect Me to Make a Decision Now?” and “I Need to Do More Research” Objections
      13. How to Overcome the “Market/Industry/Economy Is Bad” Objection
      14. How to Overcome the “My Relative Handles That for Me” Objection and the “I Have a Longstanding Relationship with My Vendor” Objection
    3. Chapter 9: Winning Closing Techniques
      1. How to Use Tie‐Downs to Build Momentum
      2. Too Many Options? Narrow It Down to Get the Sale Now
      3. Boost Your Sales by Using This One Word
      4. Ten Ways to Soften the Price Objection and Keep Pitching
      5. In Sales, the Most Important Thing to Say Is. . . .
      6. Ask for the Sale Five Times—at Least!
    4. Chapter 10: Follow‐Up Strategies
      1. The Proper Way to Set a Call Back
      2. How to Follow Up with Prospects and Win Business
      3. Staying Top of Mind Across a Longer Time Frame
      4. Conclusion
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Connect with Mike Brooks
    1. Call Me
    2. Other Resources that Will Help You
  10. About the Author
    1. Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales
  11. Index
  12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Power Phone Scripts
  • Author(s): Mike Brooks
  • Release date: June 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119418078