Fuel-Handling Systems


3.1 Coal handling

3.2 Choice of handling equipment

3.3 Fuel burning

3.4 Equipment for burning coal in lump form

3.5 Advantages and disadvantages of stoker firing over pulverized system of firing

3.6 Preparation and burning of pulverized coal

3.7 Pulverized fuel furnaces (burners)

3.8 Pulverized mills

3.9 Fuel-burning equipments

3.10 Flue gas analysis

3.11 Ash handling system

3.12 Dust collection

3.13 Questions


It is absolutely essential to have an efficient fuel-handling system in power plants. Since a majority of the power plants operate using coal as a fuel, it is necessary to study about coal-­handling system. Coal can be handled either manually or mechanically. But, with respect ...

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