[1] 3300 Rotary Position Transducer (RPT): Bently Nevada.

[2] 3500 System Overview: Asset condition Monitoring: Bently Nevada.

[3] 6600 Series Machinery Protection Monitors: Entek– Rockwell Automation.

[4] Application Note_ Power generation: Provitech (200MW STG) :

[5] CSI 6000 machinery Health Monitor: Emerson Process Management.

[6] Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring – an over view: Mel Maalouf application Engineer Bently Nevada Products (GE energy):

[7] Inductive Proximity Sensors: Rockwell Automation.

[8] Machinery Protection System: G E Energy: 3500 series.

[9] Piezoelectric Accelerometer and vibration Preamplifier Handbook: Bruel & Kjaer : Denmark 1976.

[10] Piezoelectric Accelerometer Product data : Bruel & Kjaer:

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