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Power Play

Book Description

Discover the secrets of influence, impact and transformational leadership

Power Play is the powerful and practical 21st century guide to mega-impact and influence, providing business leaders with explosive influence strategies to move people into action and results. Influence, like gravity, pulls success into your orbit and gives you the power to make real changes in your relationships, your organisation and the world. This book explores the different types of power and you will learn when to coerce, when to collaborate and when to connect. You'll delve into areas of influence that you may not have considered, including the power of message, context, empathy, humour, positioning, love and more. This book identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each of these influence tools and offers practical tips so you can create a seismic shift in your influence while maintaining authenticity and integrity.

Influence is the key factor that allows you to build powerful relationships that facilitate more effective leadership. It can mean the difference between achieving results and falling short, keeping clients or losing them, winning that pitch or blowing it. This book shows you how to amplify your influence and turbo charge your impact in every area.

  • Understand the different types of power
  • Discover new tools of influence and the art of power play
  • Explore influence strategies with impact and integrity
  • Become a power player and deliver results

Influence is a science, and it's the key to your personal and professional success. Power Play helps you build a bottomless supply, and wield it with authenticity, compassion and integrity.

Table of Contents

  1. About the author
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction: Another book on influence?
    1. What is influence today?
    2. How is this book different?
    3. Influence versus power
    4. What is power play?
    5. Does the world need influencers?
    6. What makes me an expert?
    7. How to use this book
  4. Part I: The case for new influence
    1. Chapter 1: Influence versus manipulation
      1. A perfect match
      2. The dark side
      3. A breach of trust
      4. Powerlessness — an influence vacuum
      5. Manipulators — power for power's sake
      6. Masters of influence
    2. Chapter 2: The art of power play
      1. How (so far)
      2. The new how
  5. Part II: How (so far) and the new how
    1. Chapter 3: Hard power … ouch, that hurts!
      1. When did our love affair with hard power begin?
      2. Hard power and incentives
      3. Hard power in a knowledge economy
      4. Hard power is tough on leaders
      5. Limitations of hard power
    2. Chapter 4: Soft power … take it slowly
      1. An awww moment
      2. Sometimes only soft power will do
      3. Experiences with soft power
      4. Soft power to influence
      5. Soft power, slooow results
    3. Chapter 5: Story power … inspire me
      1. Business storytelling
      2. Power up your storytelling
    4. Chapter 6: Context power … I am king
      1. An experiment in context
      2. Context and content — which is king?
      3. The anatomy of context
      4. Masters of context
      5. Context is king
      6. Research, be agile, adapt
      7. The new perfect — co-curate, level up, transform
    5. Chapter 7: Empathy power … walk in my shoes
      1. Caution: caring people ahead
      2. Beware of projection bias
      3. Connect here for empathy
      4. Trust the source, trust the information
      5. The power of value exchanges
      6. Empathy is courage
      7. Public and private discourse
      8. Empathy and the bottom line
    6. Chapter 8: Message power … become the master of your message
      1. Message mastery
    7. Chapter 9: Love power … changing the world in four letters
      1. Does what you do light you up?
      2. Heart over hype
      3. Do you love your co-workers?
      4. Love for customers and consumers
      5. The art of love bombs
      6. Love frames
      7. Hearts and minds
    8. Chapter 10: Humour power … why so serious?
      1. You have to be kidding
      2. More than a joke
      3. The facts on funny
      4. Humour amateur
      5. Humour apprentice
      6. Humour mastery
    9. Chapter 11: Positioning power … become the influencer
      1. Identify the movers and shakers
      2. Reach out to connect and influence
      3. The rise of the mega influencer
      4. Profile and positioning
      5. How to become a mega influencer
    10. Chapter 12: Fierce power … fiercely being you
      1. Unlock your values
      2. Values manifest in behaviour
      3. Congruence
      4. Authenticity
      5. Some positive strategies
      6. Quitting at the top
    11. Chapter 13: Co-creation power … the magic of elevation
      1. What are the distinguishing features of co-creation?
      2. Embrace an infinite mindset
      3. Some considerations
      4. The quantum leap
      5. What are the challenges for co-creators?
      6. Consumer philanthropists
      7. Sex: a final word
    12. Chapter 14: Cause leadership … mega power of movements
      1. Finding purpose
      2. Head, heart and hands
      3. Call to action — the ask
      4. Leading by their actions
      5. Watch for the pitfalls
  6. Conclusion: What next?
  7. Index
  8. Advert
  9. EULA