About the Author

Howard S. Dvorkin CPA is a serial entrepreneur, a two-time author, and a personal finance expert. With the successful international expansion of his organizations, he focused his professional endeavors in the consumer finance, technology, media and real estate industries. As the Founder of Consolidated Credit Howard is one of the most highly regarded debt and credit expert in the United States and has played an instrumental role in drafting both State and Federal Legislation. Howard’s success in the personal finance industry landed him column in Fox Business News as well as has allowed him to be interviewed by countless media outlets over the years including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Fortune, Entrepreneur, The American Banker, Investor’s Business Daily, and virtually every national and local newspaper in the country. He has also appeared as a finance expert on national and local television and radio programs, including the CBS Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight, The Early Show, Fox News, and CNN.

In his latest book, Power Up: Taking Charge of Your Financial Destiny, he takes on the challenge of helping people who are financially stuck. In this book Howard revolutionizes the way people think about shopping, advertising, “keeping up with the Joneses,” values, credit cards, spending money, and more. If you have suffered the tragedy of losing everything because of a job loss, medical bills, or a combination of factors, you are not alone. Howard ...

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