Chapter four

Speaking in front of others

What you’ll learn in this chapter: This will help you to be more confident in any work situation, especially:
  1. Ways to be more confident speaking in front of one person, or any group size.
  2. More ways your body language can improve self-confidence.
  3. Ways to make the best use of your voice.
  4. How to behave more confidently with authority figures.
  5. How you can be more charismatic.
  1. Team meetings, or the ‘morning huddle’.
  2. Presentations.
  3. Giving a talk.
  4. Making a verbal report.
  5. Running training sessions.
  6. Interviews or appraisals.
  7. Oral tests or exams.
  8. Verbal communication of all kinds and at all levels.

Speaking up in groups, large and small, has caused butterflies in human stomachs for thousands of years. ...

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