4. Hundreds of Power Verbs for Career Consultants, Coaches, and Mentors


(1) deviate; to diverge from the straight path; diverge from the expected; go astray

Word Used in Sentence(s)

(1) A mentor should never aberrate from being a perfect gentlemen.


(1) advocate; aid; approval; assist; back; back up; encourage; espouse; sanction; support

(2) foment; help incite; put up to; urge (especially in wrongdoing)

Word Used in Sentence(s)

(1) The job search should take place not in a vacuum or alone abet with professionals.

(1) “Applying this principal, the Court found that while the statute technically implicated only the corporation for the misdeed, ‘All persons who aid and abet its commission are equally guilty.’ Thus, the offense ...

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