Exporting XML

You can export the data in a DataWindow or DataStore object to XML using techniques similar to those used for exporting to other formats such as PSR or HTML:

  • Using the Save Rows As menu item in the DataWindow painter when the Preview view is open. Figure 8.11 shows the new option in the Save dialog box.

    Figure 8.11. New XML option in the Save dialog box.

  • Using the SaveAs() method:

    dw_1.SaveAs( "c:\foo\bar.xml", XML!, TRUE )
  • Using PowerScript dot notation:

    ls_xml = dw_1.object.datawindow.data.xml
  • Using PowerScript Describe notation:

    ls_xml = dw_1.Describe( "datawindow.data.xml" )

New DataWindow properties are used to fine-tune the ...

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