4Coaching with a Mindset of Abundance

Once I was attending a family party where a young boy was fanatically guarding cupcakes that had been set out by an aunt. When the boy saw his younger sister coming toward him, the hope of eating a cupcake written all over her little face, he loudly announced, “Each cupcake is five dollars!” and stretched out his hand for payment.

His little sister was incensed! He didn’t make those cupcakes! He had nothing to do with the cupcakes! He had no right to ask for this outrageous sum! It wasn’t fair!

Just as the boy’s little sister was about to lose her mind, their even smaller cousin walked up, pretended to take five dollars out of her back pocket, slapped the boy’s hand with an imaginary bill, and announced, “There’s more where that came from!” as she took a cupcake.

She had a mindset of abundance.

A mindset of abundance doesn’t get lost in what is right or fair. Abundance knows that there’s always more. Choosing to be an abundant leader means there are always more resources, credit, recognition, opportunities, possibilities, and acknowledgment to go around. You don’t have to watch your back. You don’t always have to protect your selfish interests. You don’t have to be wary of someone you think is proverbially getting in your lane at work. Abundance is choosing to be the leader who is ready to rise together with everyone else. There is a saying: “High tides raise all boats.” Abundance allows others to rise, to get credit, to be recognized, ...

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