Powerful PR Strategies for Success (Collection)

Book Description

A brand new collection of state-of-the-art insights into public relations, from practitioner Deirdre Breakenridge.

Master Supercharged PR Techniques Based on the Latest Social and Online Platforms!

Three great books help you leverage the latest social media and online platforms to transform the way you do PR--and the results you achieve! In Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, social marketing pioneer Deirdre Breakenridge teaches and demonstrates the eight new skills and mindsets you need to build brands and engage customers in a social world. This concise, action-oriented book shows practitioners how to systematically expand their roles, improve their processes, and sharpen their strategies to engage with today’s more sophisticated and socialized customers. Next, in Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: How Social Media Is Reinventing the Aging Business of PR, Breakenridge and Brian Solis show how to bring the “public” back into public relations and get results traditional PR people can only dream about. Drawing on their unparalleled experience, they present powerful new ways to build the relationships that matter and reach a new generation of influencers…leverage platforms ranging from Twitter to Facebook…embed yourself in communities that are shaping the future. Finally, in PR 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences, Breakenridge helps you master the full spectrum of online tools to build meaningful two-way conversations with everyone who matters to you. Choose the right strategies for each PR scenario and environment, keep the best Web 1.0 tools, stop using outmoded, counterproductive tactics, and master new best practices ranging from online newsrooms to advanced research and analytics.

From world-renowned leaders in social media and modern public relations Deirdre Breakenridgeand Brian Solis

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Praise for Social Media and Public Relations
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Author
    7. Foreword
    8. Introduction: When Social Media Meets PR, Communication Unites with Technology
    9. 1. PR Practice #1: The PR Policymaker
    10. 2. New Practice #2: The Internal Collaboration Generator
    11. 3. New Practice #3: The PR Technology Tester
    12. 4. New Practice #4: The Communications (COMMS) Organizer
    13. 5. New Practice #5: The Pre-Crisis Doctor
    14. 6. New Practice #6: The Relationship Analyzer
    15. 7. New Practice #7: The Reputation Task Force Member
    16. 8. New Practice #8: The Master of the Metrics
    17. 9. Using Your New PR Practices to Become an Influencer and Change Agent
    18. 10. The Future of PR and Social Media
    19. A. The Social Media Strategy Wheel
    20. Index
    21. Footnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Chapter 1
      3. Chapter 2
      4. Chapter 3
      5. Chapter 4
      6. Chapter 5
      7. Chapter 6
      8. Chapter 7
      9. Chapter 8
      10. Chapter 9
      11. Chapter 10
  5. Putting the Public Back in Public Relations
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Praise for Putting the Public Back in Public Relations
    4. Dedication
    5. Foreword
    6. Preface: The Socialization of Media and PR 2.0
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. About the Authors
    9. Introduction: Social Media = The Reinvention of Public Relations
    10. PART I The True Value of New PR
    11. Chapter 1 What’s Wrong with PR?
    12. Chapter 2 PR 2.0 vs. Public Relations
    13. Chapter 3 PR 2.0 in a Web 2.0 World
    14. Chapter 4 Traditional vs. New Journalism
    15. Chapter 5 PR Is about Relationships
    16. PART II Facilitating Conversations: New Tools and Techniques
    17. Chapter 6 The Language of New PR
    18. Chapter 7 Blogger Relations
    19. Chapter 8 Social Media Releases (SMRs)
    20. Chapter 9 Video News Release (VNR) 2.0
    21. Chapter 10 Corporate Blogging
    22. PART III Participating in Social Media
    23. Chapter 11 Technology Does Not Override the Social Sciences
    24. Chapter 12 Social Networks: The Online Hub for Your Brand
    25. Chapter 13 Micromedia
    26. Chapter 14 New “Marketing” Roles
    27. PART IV PR 2.0: A Promising Future
    28. Chapter 15 Community Managers and Customer Service 2.0
    29. Chapter 16 Socialization of Communication and Service
    30. Chapter 17 The Rules for Breaking News
    31. Chapter 18 A New Guide to Metrics
    32. PART V Convergence
    33. Chapter 19 PR 2.0 + PR 1.0 = Putting the Public Back in Public Relations
    34. Appendix A The SEC and the Importance of Recognizing Corporate Blogs as Public Disclosure
    35. Appendix B It’s Alive!
    36. Index
  6. PR 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences
    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Praise for PR 2.0
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Author
    7. Foreword: The Road from PR to PR 2.0 to Public Relations
    8. Introduction to PR 2.0
    9. Section I: The Transition to PR 2.0
      1. Chapter 1. PR 2.0 Is Here
      2. Chapter 2. Getting Started with 2.0 Research
      3. Chapter 3. Research with Expert Resources
      4. Chapter 4. Reaching the Wired Media for Better Coverage
      5. Chapter 5. Better Monitoring for PR 2.0
    10. Section II: A New Direction in PR
      1. Chapter 6. Interactive Newsrooms: How to Attract the Media
      2. Chapter 7. The Social Media News Release: An Overdue Facelift
      3. Chapter 8. Social Networking: A Revolution Has Begun
      4. Chapter 9. RSS Technology: A Really Simple Tool to Broaden Your Reach
      5. Chapter 10. Video and Audio for Enhanced Web Communications
    11. Section III: Embracing PR 2.0
      1. Chapter 11. Social Media: Immerse Yourself and Your Brand
      2. Chapter 12. The Pro's Use of PR 2.0
      3. Chapter 13. The Mindset of the PR 2.0 Journalist
      4. Chapter 14. A PR 2.0 Plan
    12. Section IV: The Future of 2.0
      1. Chapter 15. The Path to Great PR
    13. Index
    14. FT Press Financial Times

Product Information

  • Title: Powerful PR Strategies for Success (Collection)
  • Author(s): Deirdre K. Breakenridge, Brian Solis
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
  • ISBN: 9780133087291