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Powering Content

Video Description

Is your content running out of steam? Are you or your team having a hard time keeping momentum? Let content strategist Laura Busche jolt your content effort from moribund to masterful in this overview of how to build a powerful continuously operating content production machine. You’ll gain access to the secrets of today’s top content powerhouses; explore practical techniques for scaling and sustaining your operation; and learn to create irresistible content based on innovation, outsourcing, automation and research.

  • Learn to design a powerful content marketing plan that keeps content fresh and on-point
  • Pick up the basic techniques for generating hundreds of innovative content ideas
  • Discover five essential changes that improve the way audiences view and read content
  • Explore ten simple changes that will instantly improve any blog
  • See how successful content managers use outsourcing to boost content supply
  • Survey ten types of content that went viral and learn why they did
  • Master the most important content marketing metrics and understand how to track them

Laura Busche, director of content strategy at Creative Market and co-founder of the interactive agency Ozone Labs, has been working in content marketing, branding, social media, and on-line marketing since 2008. She authored the O'Reilly title "Lean Branding"; contributes regularly to Smashing Magazine and Sitepoint; and is a member of the Global Shaper program at the World Economic Forum. She holds a business degree from American University and a M.A. in design management from the Savannah College of Art and Design.