Chapter 12. Using and Organizing Clip Art

clip art is pre-drawn art that comes with PowerPoint or that is available from other sources (such as through the Internet). There are thousands of images that you can use royalty-free in your work, without having to draw your own. For example, suppose you are creating a presentation about snow skiing equipment. Rather than hiring an artist to draw a picture of a skier, you can use one of PowerPoint's stock drawings of skiers and save yourself a bundle.

Being an owner of a Microsoft Office product entitles you to the use of the huge clip art collection that Microsoft maintains on its Web site, and if you are connected to the Internet while you are using PowerPoint, PowerPoint can automatically pull clips from that collection as easily as it can from your own hard drive. You can also use the Clip Organizer to catalog and organize artwork in a variety of other formats, including photos that you scan, photos that you take with your digital camera, and drawings and pictures that you acquire from the Internet and from other people.

In this chapter you learn how to select and insert clip art in your presentations, how to integrate photos and images from other sources into the Clip Organizer, and how to organize your clips for easy access.

Choosing Appropriate Clip Art

Don't just ...

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