Chapter 13. Working with Photographic Images

Whether you're putting together a slide show to display your vacation photos or adding photos of industrial products to a business presentation, PowerPoint has the tools and capabilities you need. And with the new Picture Styles feature in PowerPoint 2007, it has never been easier to give those photos professional-looking frames, shadows, and other effects.

In this chapter you'll learn the ins and outs of using photographs in a PowerPoint presentation, including tips and tricks for preparing them beforehand, compressing them so they take up less disk space, and exporting pictures out of PowerPoint so you can save them separately.

Understanding Raster Graphics

There are two kinds of graphics in the computer world: vector and raster. As you learned earlier in the book, vector graphics (clip art, drawn lines and shapes, and so on) are created with mathematical formulas. Some of the advantages of vector graphics are their small file size and the fact that they can be resized without losing any quality. The main disadvantage of a vector graphic is that it doesn't look "real." Even when an expert artist draws a vector graphic, you can still tell that ...

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