Some books zoom through a software program so fast it makes your head spin. You'll come out dizzy, but basically able to cobble together some sort of result, even if it doesn't look quite right. This is not one of those books.

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Bible is probably the only PowerPoint book you will ever need. In fact, it might even be the only book on giving presentations you'll ever need. No, seriously! I mean it.

As you probably guessed by the heft of the book, this is not a quick-fix shortcut to PowerPoint expertise. Instead, it's a thoughtful, thorough educational tool that can be your personal trainer now and your reference text for years to come. That's because this book covers PowerPoint from "cradle to grave." No matter what your current expertise level with PowerPoint, this book brings you up to the level of the most experienced and talented PowerPoint users in your office. You might even be able to teach those old pros a thing or two!

But this book doesn't stop with PowerPoint procedures. Creating a good presentation is much more than just clicking a few dialog boxes and typing some text. It requires knowledge and planning— lots of it. That's why this book includes a whole chapter on planning a presentation, and another whole chapter on the practical issues involved in presenting one. You learn things like the following:

  • How to select the best color schemes for selling and informing

  • How to gauge the size of the audience and the meeting room when selecting ...

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