Chapter 21

Sharing and Collaborating

In This Chapter

Working with comments
Comparing and merging presentations
Sharing your presentation file on a LAN
Sending a presentation via e-mail
Sharing a presentation via SkyDrive
Sharing a presentation via Office 365 SharePoint
Managing Simultaneous Edits
Sharing slides with a SharePoint slide library

In many organizations, creating an important presentation is a collaborative project, with several people providing input on a draft. There are several ways to share a draft presentation with others; you can post a presentation to a server, distribute one via e-mail, or post a draft on a document management server. You can also create a slide library on a SharePoint server or on a shared drive (such as on your company's network) and make individual slides available for reuse.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to use PowerPoint's collaborative tools, such as comments, and how to share and distribute presentations and individual slides in a variety of ways.

Working with Comments

Comments are like sticky notes that you can attach to various spots in a presentation, just as you would attach notes to a paper copy. With comments, multiple reviewers can offer suggestions without changing the actual presentation.

Adding Comments

As you review a presentation, you can insert comments pertaining to a slide as a whole or to an individual object on that slide. To add a comment, follow these steps:

1. Display the slide on which you want to place the ...

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