Chapter 7

All about Fonts and Text Formatting


check Using bold, italics, underlining, and other character effects

check Changing the text font, size, and color

check Using bullets and numbers

check Tabbing and indenting

check Spacing out lines of text

check Aligning text

check Making fanciful text with the WordArt feature

A good presentation is like a fireworks show: At every new slide, the audience gasps, “O-o-o-h. A-a-a-h.” The audience is so stunned by the spectacular appearance of your slides that no one really bothers to read them!

Well, not really. Substance is much more important than style. But your substance can be lost if your presentation’s style is dull. So a few ooohs and aaahs, in moderation, are important.

This chapter gets you on the road toward fantastic design by showing you how to take charge ...

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