Chapter 15

Lights! Camera! Action! (Adding Sound and Video)


check Adding interesting sound effects to your presentation

check Spicing your presentation up with video

check Fiddling with audio and video settings

One of the cool things about PowerPoint is that it lets you create slides that contain not only text and pictures but also sounds and even movies. You can add sound effects, such as screeching brakes or breaking glass, to liven up dull presentations. You can even add your own applause, making your presentation like a TV sitcom or game show. You can also add a musical background or a narration to your presentation.

Additionally, you can insert a film clip from The African Queen or a picture of the space shuttle launching if you think that will help keep people awake. This chapter shows you how to add those special effects.

This chapter is short because you can’t do as much with sound and video in PowerPoint as you can with, say, a professional multimedia-authoring program, such as Adobe Director or a video editor such as Adobe Premiere. Still, PowerPoint allows you to paste sound and video elements into your slide show, thus giving you the power to craft some impressive high-tech ...

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