Chapter 18

Using a Slide Library and Other Ways to Reuse Slides


check Stealing slides from another presentation

check Saving slides in a slide library

check Stealing slides from a slide library

What do you do when you’re plodding along in PowerPoint and realize that the slides you’re trying to create probably already exist in some other presentation somewhere? You do what I do: You borrow the slides from the other presentation. This chapter shows you how to do that.

Note that in the old days, the only way to steal slides from another presentation was to get on your horse and chase down the other presentation (that is, find the presentation on your hard drive), jump on board (open the presentation), and steal the slides at gunpoint (copy the slides you want to steal and paste them into the new presentation).

You can still steal slides that way — in fact, Microsoft has created a special command that makes it easy to steal slides directly from another presentation. But if you steal slides often and want to become a career criminal, the real way to do it is to set up a slide library, which is a central repository for slides. The slide library lives on a server, so anyone can access it, ...

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