Chapter 19

Exporting Your Presentation to Other Formats


check Exporting to PDF

check Exporting to a video

check Exporting to a Word document

This chapter shows you how to use a variety of PowerPoint features that let you save your presentations in formats other than the standard PowerPoint file format. You can save your presentation as a PDF file, which can then be viewed using Adobe’s Acrobat software. Or, you can create a video that can be viewed over the web, using a media player, or even on a DVD that can be played on a standard DVD player. You can also create a self-contained presentation that can be saved to a CD or flash drive and viewed with a free PowerPoint viewer. And finally, you can convert a presentation to a Word document that you can give to your attendees as handouts.

All these features are available from the File ⇒ Export page.

Creating a PDF File

PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a popular format for interchanging files. PowerPoint has the ability to export a presentation to a PDF file. Note that when you do so, you may lose some of the functionality of your presentation, such as the ability to play media. In any event, here are the steps:

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