List of Listings

Chapter 3. Using the PowerShell help system

Listing 3.1. Sample help

Chapter 6. Operators

Listing 6.1. Comparing bitwise values

Chapter 12. Working with credentials

Listing 12.1. Supporting alternative credentials in a script

Chapter 13. Regular expressions

Listing 13.1. A regex Switch example

Listing 13.2. Another regular expression Switch example

Chapter 14. Working with HTML and XML data

Listing 14.1. Creating an HTML report

Chapter 16. Variables, arrays, hash tables, and scriptblocks

Listing 16.1. Initial script—no testing on type

Listing 16.2. Using strict mode

Listing 16.3. Removing most typos

Listing 16.4. Removing all typos

Chapter 18. Advanced PowerShell syntax

Listing 18.1. Get-NBTName.ps1

Listing 18.2. ...

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