© Agus Kurniawan, Wely Lau 2019
A. Kurniawan, W. LauPractical Azure Functionshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5067-9_1

1. Introduction to Azure Functions

Agus Kurniawan1  and Wely Lau2
Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia
Singapore, Singapore

Azure Functions is a Microsoft Azure service that provides a serverless solution, enabling developers to address their business problems efficiently. In this chapter, we will start by demystifying the serverless concept. Subsequently, we will explore Azure Functions and show how to set up the development environment. Then, we will show how to develop a simple program with Azure Functions.

The following topics are covered:
  • An overview of serverless computing

  • Introduction to Azure ...

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