Shiny (R Code)

In RStudio, select File | New File | Shiny Web App:

Enter the following code in app.R:

# Packt: Big Data Analytics # Chapter 8 Tutorial library(shiny) library(shinydashboard) library(data.table) library(DT) library(shinyjs) cms_factor_dt<- readRDS("~/r/rulespackt/cms_factor_dt.rds") cms_rules_dt<- readRDS("~/r/rulespackt/cms_rules_dt.rds") # Define UI for application that draws a histogram ui<- dashboardPage (skin="green", dashboardHeader(title = "Apriori Algorithm"), dashboardSidebar( useShinyjs(), sidebarMenu( uiOutput("company"), uiOutput("searchlhs"), uiOutput("searchrhs"), uiOutput("support2"), uiOutput("confidence"), uiOutput("lift"), ...

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