© Stefania Loredana Nita and Marius Mihailescu 2017

Stefania Loredana Nita and Marius Mihailescu, Practical Concurrent Haskell, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2781-7_9

9. Haskell in the Cloud

Stefania Loredana Nita and Marius Mihailescu1

(1)Bucharest, Romania

This chapter talks about programming in Cloud Haskell , a domain-specific language to develop programs in a distributed computing environment in Haskell. The chapter focuses on presenting the processes, messages between processes, how to use channels and ports, and closures.

The following are the main characteristics of the Cloud Haskell programming model.

  • Explicit concurrency

  • Lightweight processes

  • Processes do not share the states

  • Message passing is realized asynchronously, which is also ...

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