Appendix DPermissions to Use Third‐Party Copyright Material

Book’s front coverSource: Image is part of a dry rock garden consisting of gravel and massive boulders placed by Hoichi Kurisu. Photo courtesy of Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

D.1 Part I: Introduction

Figure 1.4 Moses, a creative and innovative giantSource: Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Tomb (1505–1545) for Julius II, San Pietro in Vincoli (Rome). Reproduced with permission of Wikimedia Commons, Author: Jorg Bittner Unna.

D.2 Part II: Systems Engineering

Figure 2.5 Concept testing at NASA's wind tunnel facilitySource: Media Invited to View Rocket Model Tests of NASA's Space Launch System, 1.5.2017. Image available in public domain (NASA).
Figure 2.12 The Creissels and Viaduct de Millau bridgeAdapted from: View of Creissels with the viaduct in the background. Reproduced with permission of Wikimedia Commons, author: Stefan Krause, Germany.
Figure 2.13 Aircraft system embedded in a national transport SupersystemAdapted from: Model of an aircraft system as embedded in an air transport system, which is related to other transport systems. Reproduced with permission of Philosophy of Engineering, The Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK, June, 2010.
Figure 2.14 The Millennium Dome London UKAdapted from: The Millennium Dome, London, UK. Reproduced with permission of Wikimedia Commons, author: James Jin.

D.3 Part III: Creative Methods

Figure 3.4 A rickety bridge exampleAdapted from: Drahtsteg ...

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