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Federico MaraniPractical Django 2 and Channels 2https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4099-1_3

3. Adding the Product Catalog to the Site

Federico Marani1 
London, UK

In this chapter we will start building product pages for our BookTime website, and these will be driven by data contained in databases. We will also see how to operate on the data and how to import it from CSV files.

This chapter introduces
  • The Django ORM

  • Migrations

  • Management commands

  • Signals

  • ListView and DetailView

  • Uploaded file management

Creating the First Models

Django has a layer called the ORM, which stands for Object Relational Mapper. It is a known pattern in software and it has been around for years. It consists of wrapping all rows loaded from the database into ...

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