accepting responsibility for actions, 28–29


income for future inflation, 105–107

monthly financial needs for 25 years of 3% inflation, 205

advance planning, 62


attributes of, 123

brands, 123

asking about, 124–125

comparing several advisors, 125–126

gut reactions, 126

knowing what you want, 127

living with it, 128

choosing, 200

communicating with, 56–58

concern for clients, 129–139

expectations of, 141–145

asking for it, 145–147

know if you are getting it, 147–150

recognizing what is important to you, 145

relationships with, 129–139

telling you what not to do, 76–77

aggressive growth, investment objectives, 91–96

American culture, 100–101

asset allocation, 60–65

asset allocation plans, 113–115

asset gap needing to be ...

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