Practical PowerShell Security and Compliance Center - Second Edition

Book description

Learn all the latest practices to build and enhance your PowerShell scripts and manage the Security and Compliance Center easily and efficiently

Key Features

  • Gather the latest information and new cmdlets to get started with PowerShell
  • Discover innovative ways to construct useful scripts
  • Learn how to manage SCC with PowerShell through real-world scenarios

Book Description

PowerShell is an integral part of Office 365. This updated edition shares tips, tricks, new cmdlets, and best practices for using PowerShell with the Security and Compliance Center.

The book starts by covering the basic tools of PowerShell, such as PowerShell ISE and PowerShell repositories, and then goes on to teach you how to connect to the SCC using multi-factor authentication. You will manage role groups to layer security, before exploring the importance of information barriers. As you progress, you will orchestrate insider risk policies to protect your organization from malicious users with access to sensitive data. Next, the book will show you how to manage various devices using tenant policies and device access rules. Later chapters will delve into various reporting methods and explore options for troubleshooting scripts and best practices to produce better scripts. The book concludes with an overview of Microsoft Secure Score to help you measure your organization's security posture.

By the end of this book, you'll have the latest information and new cmdlets to confidently manage the Security and Compliance Center (SCC) with PowerShell.

What you will learn

  • Enhance the script, test it, and move it into production
  • Make your PowerShell scripts more usable and accessible
  • Study directory synchronization and its applications
  • Explore layers of security that prevent unauthorized access
  • Use PowerShell to implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Understand compliance and how it can be managed with PowerShell

Who this book is for

If you are already managing Exchange and have some PowerShell experience, then this book is for you. Professionals who want to gain more proficiency in PowerShell but are unsure of how to approach it will also find this book useful. To get the most out of this book, you must have sufficient experience of working in PowerShell as the book is not a beginner's guide to PowerShell.

Product information

  • Title: Practical PowerShell Security and Compliance Center - Second Edition
  • Author(s): Damian Scoles
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800561755