Backslash Sequences

Table 1-1. Backslash sequences.
\aBell. (0x7)
\bBackspace. (0x8)
\fForm feed. (0xc)
\nNewline. (0xa)
\rCarriage return. (0xd)
\tTab. (0x9)
\vVertical tab. (0xb)
\<newline>Replace the newline and the leading white space on the next line with a space.
\\Backslash. ('\')
\oooOctal specification of character code. 1, 2, or 3 digits.
\xhhHexadecimal specification of character code. 1 or 2 digits.
\uhhhhHexadecimal specification of a 16-bit Unicode character value. 4 hex digits.
\cReplaced with literal c if c is not one of the cases listed above. In particular, \$, \", \{, \}, \], and \[ are used to obtain these characters.

Arithmetic Operators

Table 1-2. Arithmetic operators from highest to lowest precedence.
- ~ !Unary minus, bitwise ...

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