Transmitters and receivers

The previous chapters have covered all the circuit functions used in transmitters and receivers, but when putting them together into a TX or RX equipment, or indeed a T/R (transmitter/receiver, e.g. Figures 11.7 and 11.8), then certain additional considerations arise. These are considered below.

(a)A modern mobile camera phone.

(b) RF Block diagram of a Sony Ericsson three band mobile camera phone.

(c) Baseband Block diagram of a Sony Ericsson camera phone

(Reproduced by courtesy of Sony Ericsson)

(a)The BiM 2 433–64 data transceiver operates in the 433 MHz licence free band. Conforming to EN 300 220–3 and EN 301 489–3, it transmits and receives data at up to 64 kbit/s with a range of up to 200m external, ...

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