The StarOffice Application Suite

StarOffice is an integrated set of applications that includes the following:

  • StarOffice Write— A word processor that also creates Web pages and brochures

  • StarOffice Calc— A spreadsheet with 3D charts and diagrams

  • StarOffice Draw— A program that creates illustrations and 3D drawings

  • StarOffice Impress— A program that creates presentations

  • StarOffice Base— A database

  • StarOffice Schedule— An event planner that can synchronize with a Palm Pilot

  • StarOffice Mail— A program that sends and receives email and attachments

  • StarOffice Discussion— News postings

  • StarOffice Image— A program to manipulate images

  • StarOffice Math— A formula editor

  • StarOffice Basic— A macro programming language

  • StarOffice Gallery— Available images, graphics, ...

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