Installing Sun Solaris 7 at Home

Solaris is a UNIX-based operating system from Sun Microsystems, a well-known UNIX and Internet company. Solaris is based on Sun’s version of UNIX, called SunOS. Solaris runs on both Sun SPARC computers and also on Intel computers. These different types of computers are also referred to as platforms.

Solaris Skipped from 2.6 to 7

Why did the Solaris revision level jump from 2.6 to 7? At one point in the Solaris 7 installation, it referred to itself as Solaris 2.7. Maybe Solaris 2.7 was changed to Solaris 7 to match SCO UnixWare, which also jumped from rev 2 directly to rev 7.

When I first wrote Chapter 5 of this book in 1998, the current release of SunOS was 5.6 and Solaris was 2.6. Today, in late 1999, SunOS ...

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