Appendix F

Environmental Management Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Example

This Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is organized according to the project lifecycle at Level 2 while specific deliverables within each stage of the lifecycle are included at Level 3. This is a high level WBS template which can be customized at lower levels to apply to a variety of specific projects.

1 WBS for Environmental Management Project to Conduct a Bio-Venting Test for the Remediation of Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils

1.1 System Design

1.1.1 Initial Design

1.1.2 Client Meeting

1.1.3 Draft Design

1.1.4 Client and Regulatory Agency Meeting

1.1.5 Final Design

1.2 System Installation

1.2.1 Facility Planning Meeting

1.2.2 Well Installation

1.2.3 Electrical Power Drop ...

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