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Practitioner’s Perspective on the Enterprise Data Model

Video Description

This panel was recorded live at Data Modeling Zone (www.DataModelingZone.com). Panelists include William Donlin (Progressive Insurance), Sally Greenwood (TDS Telecom), Ivan Schotsmans (BI-Community), Brad Steinke (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension), and Missy Wittmann (American Family)

An Enterprise Data Model (EDM) provides a precise and consistent representation of an organization’s information. Although the EDM offers incredible value to an organization, it also takes incredible effort to build and maintain. Approaches such as Agile can run counter to Big Design Up Front (BDUF) deliverables such as the EDM, often causing contention between Project and Program priorities. This panel will cover the practicalities of building and maintaining an EDM, as well as its perceived and actual benefits.