Chapter 26. Integration Basis Test Exercise

It’s time to apply the McCabe integration basis path testing concepts you’ve learned to the Omninet example. Integration basis paths and tests aren’t just for code. In this exercise, you’ll use the technique for the Omninet kiosk module flow described in the Omninet System Requirements Document (Appendix B) and shown in Figure 26-1.

Omninet screen flow

Figure 26-1. Omninet screen flow

The exercise consists of three steps:

  1. Rework the module flow into standard and combined design predicates by referring to the Omninet Marketing Requirements Document and Omninet System Requirements Document.

  2. Calculate the integration complexity for the call flow you’ve drawn.

  3. Design basis tests to cover the design predicates.

You can minimize or maximize tests as you see fit. I suggest 30 minutes as a time limit. When you’re done, keep reading to see my solution.

My Solution and Comments

Figure 26-2 shows my version of the module flow with standard and combined design predicates, the integration complexity calculation, and the basis paths.

Omninet screen flow solution

Figure 26-2. Omninet screen flow solution

I’ve shown the calls to the Authorizing and Enter PIN modules as conditional. Even though the requirements aren’t clear on this point, I think it’s reasonable to expect that the user be allowed to cancel or abandon ...

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