Chapter 1



The island of Trinidad is situated at the southernmost end of the Caribbean archipelago which stretches from Florida in North America to Venezuela in South America. Trinidad, with an area of 4,828 sq km, is the larger of the two islands which comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; the other island is Tobago, with an area of 300 sq km. The population of Trinidad in 1980 was 1,016,239, comprising persons from many diverse ethnic backgrounds. The 1980 census used the following ethnic categories: “Negroes” (38.8%); “East Indians” (42.2%); “Chinese” (0.5%); “Syrian/Lebanese” (0.1%); “White” (0.9%); “Mixed” (16.8%); “Other Races” (0.3%); and “Not Stated” (0.4%). The religious composition of the population was similarly ...

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