Appendix III

Orisha Songs

Singing is an integral aspect in the worship of the orishas and the music has been extensively studied by previous researchers. Richard Waterman’s doctoral thesis, African Patterns in Trinidad Negro Music (1943), was one of the earliest of these studies. Literal and musical transcriptions of orisha songs can be found in Campbell (1988, p. 9), Connor (1958, pp. 45, 48–50), Elder (1972b, p. 16; 1976, pp. 286–287), Olawaiye (1980, pp. 125–138, 438–440), Simpson (1965b, pp. 42–45), Warner-Lewis 1994; and Waterman (1948, pp. 35–36). Merriam (1956) has analysed the songs of the Rada religion.

There is also a possibility that the ritual orisha music (singing and drumming) may have been instrumental in the development of those ...

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