Chapter 16

Ten Habits to Develop as You Prepare for Calculus

In This Chapter

arrow Preparing to solve a problem

arrow Working through a problem

arrow Verifying your accuracy after solving a problem

arrow Going the extra mile to ensure pre-calc success

As you work through pre-calculus, adopting certain tasks as habits can help prepare your brain to tackle calculus. In this chapter, we outline ten habits that should be a part of your daily math arsenal. Perhaps your teachers have been singing the praises of certain tasks since elementary school — such as showing all your work — but other tricks may be new to you. Either way, we’re confident that if you remember these ten pieces of advice, you’ll be ready for whatever calculus throws your way.

Figure Out What the Problem Is Asking

Often, math teachers test students’ reading comprehension (we know, unfair!) and ability to work with multiple parts that comprise a whole, which is the essence of the concepts behind mathematics. When faced with a math problem, start by reading the whole problem or all the directions to the problem. Look for the question inside ...

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