Singular value decomposition

If matrix A has a matrix of eigenvectors P that is not invertible, then A does not have Eigen decomposition too. However, if A is an m x n real matrix with m>n, then the original matrix A can be written using a so-called singular value decomposition of the form (as the product of three matrices) U, Σ, V*. Suppose we have the following matrix:

matrix = np.matrix(
    [[6, 8],
    [5, 7]] )

Now the SVD can be computed by calling the svd() method from the NumPy module of Python as follows:

svd = np.linalg.svd(matrix)

This is an array that has three fields–that is, u, sigma, and v:

U = svd[0]
Sigma = svd[1]
V = svd[2]

For better interpretation of the preceding result, let's do some transformation–that is, converting each field ...

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