16.3. The ReceivingMailServer

The ReceivingMailServer creates a ConnectionHandler for every SendingMailServer that connects to it. The ConnectionHandler directs the overall flow of the command/response operation. Commands are both used as the event that determines the next state and processed. We separate these actions by having both a state processor and a command processor. The state processor ensures that the commands are presented in a valid order, according to the state table (Figure 16-2). The command processor interprets the command, which for the most part involves updating the MailDTO, to be discussed shortly. The overall view of ConnectionHandler appears in Figure 16-3.

Figure 16-3. ConnectionHandler communication diagram

The ConnectionHandler class looks like this:

    class ConnectionHandler
        Connection connection
        ReceivedMailExaminer received_mail_examiner
        StateProcessor state_processor
        MailDTO mail_dto
        MailReport mail_report
        handle(  )
        send_greeting(  )
        Command receive_command(  )
        write_mail(  )
        process_command(Command command)

The Connection class represents the connection to the SendingMailServer. It looks like this:

    class Connection
        CommonString read_line(  ) throws ConnectionException
        write_line(CommonString line) throws ConnectionException
        drop(  )

Both read_line( ) and write_line( ) throw ConnectionException if an error occurred when sending or receiving characters. ...

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