Chapter 3

Preparing for Life during Pregnancy

In This Chapter

arrow Walking through a typical prenatal visit

arrow Coping with changes in mind and body

arrow Modifying your lifestyle for baby’s sake

arrow Working while you’re pregnant

Even though you’re pregnant and your body is already undergoing miraculous changes, your day-to-day life goes on. How will you need to change your lifestyle in order to make your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible? What things in your life don’t need to change, or need to be modified only slightly? You have a lot to consider: your job, the general level of stress in your life, what medications you take, whether you smoke or drink alcohol regularly, and what to do about routine things like going to the dentist or hairdresser. If you’re like most normally healthy women, you’ll probably find that for the most part, your life can go on largely as usual.

remember.eps In this chapter and the next, we offer a general outline for how to plan your life during pregnancy, but all the issues we ...

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