Chapter 5

The First Trimester

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a glimpse of your baby’s development in the first trimester

arrow Coping with the physical symptoms of early pregnancy

arrow Addressing genetic concerns that may affect your baby

arrow Undergoing standard tests to ensure that you and your baby are healthy

arrow Knowing what constitutes cause for concern

arrow Getting dad’s perspective on the pregnancy

The first trimester of your pregnancy is an exciting time, full of many changes for you and especially for your baby, which — in just 12 short weeks — grows from a single cell to a tiny being with a beating heart and functioning kidneys. With all that change going on in your baby, you can certainly expect many changes in your own body — from fatigue and nausea to newly voluptuous (va-va-va-voom!) but tender breasts. Through it all, you need to know what’s normal and what’s worth a call to your practitioner, whom ...

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