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Premiere CS4 - level 1

Video Description

Premiere Pro CS4 - level 1Premiere is a great video editing program that fits seamlessly into any film and video workflow. You can take your raw footage and edit easily using these videos to show you how. Tom has worked with the program since it\'d5s creation and has trained many people on how to use it. In this series of 12 videos Tom will talk you through how to set up your project, bringing in your footage, editing and adding effects and then how to correctly render and output. Even if you have been using editing software for a while you will learn some tips and tricks that will make your life easier and your editing quicker.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up your project 00:05:17
  2. The Project pane 00:07:16
  3. The Interface 00:04:31
  4. Editing to the Timeline 00:05:39
  5. Trim operations 00:05:39
  6. Audio 00:06:10
  7. Applying transitions 00:06:23
  8. Slow motion effects 00:02:33
  9. Applying effects 00:04:27
  10. Creating titles 00:06:28
  11. Rendering and output 00:03:21
  12. Capture 00:04:54