Arranging Objects
In addition to controlling the position of
objects, you can control how they’re layered.
Initially, the most recently created object
appears in front of the others, but you can
change the stacking order at any time.
To change the stacking order:
Select an object in the drawing area
(Figure 9.115).
Choose Title > Arrange, and select one
of the following options (Figure 9.116):
Bring to Front—Makes the selected
object first in the stack
Bring Forward—Moves the selected
object one step up in the stack
Send to Back—Makes the selected
object last in the stack
Send Backward—Moves the selected
object back one step in the stack
The objects placement in the stacking
order changes according to your selection
(Figure 9.117).
Some templates include an empty space
to reveal the background video or an
image you add (see “Adding Images to
Titles,” earlier in this chapter). After you
import an image and position it, choose
Arrange > Send Backward to place the
picture in its “frame.
Figure 9.117 …to change the object’s relative position
in the stacking order. Here, Send to Back makes the
rectangle last in the stacking order, so it appears
behind the text.
Figure 9.116 Choose Title > Arrange, and select the
appropriate option…
Figure 9.115 Select an object in the drawing area.
Chapter 9
Arranging Objects

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